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About Us

Fashion for the Unforgettable Woman

Frank Lyman

In 2001 Frank Lyman set out to build a women’s wear company that would perform the great majority of its production in Canada.  A private family run business, Frank Lyman Design operates in the premium womenswear market, where the word ‘premium’ denotes the finest fabrics, quality confection, and immaculate fit.

The collections are built around key wardrobe essentials including dresses, glamorous tops and jackets with matching coordinates and accessories, making it a true one-stop-shop each and every season.

Frank Lyman Design concentrates on appealing to independent fashion boutiques. The company’s styles now figure prominently in a network of some 3,000 stores in over sixty countries.

In this era of low-cost, low-quality imports, the company has successfully challenged the tide by manufacturing domestically. “I made a decision from day one to sell Canadian-made fashion,” says founder and CEO Frank Lyman. “I wanted to provide a level of quality that is not possible when producing overseas. The ‘Made in Canada’ label is important in our marketing because Canada is well recognized for its quality of confection in the fashion industry.”

Pivot to masks

As the COVID-19 pandemic took over the world in 2020, Frank Lyman Design made a decision to begin producing non-medical masks to help in the global effort to help everyone stay safe. Materials normally used for high quality garments were repurposed into well-fitting, fashionable masks that are now the recommended norm for public use around the world.

It was very important to Mr. Lyman that the company did not profit from the manufacture of these masks. Instead, all profits from the sale of masks will be donated to charities benefiting seniors worldwide, as this population group has been hardest hit by the pandemic.

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